Nick Meldrum: Software development consultant

Nick combines all the key aspects you want from a great dev - he's exceptionally technically capable, he lives the values and ethos of modern Agile practices, and he never loses sight of the commercial drivers for what is being built and why.

Neal Champion, Delivery Manager, Royal London

Work Highlights

His breadth and depth of knowledge of front end technologies has been priceless in our journey to implement a competitive, responsive and pleasant website.

Pauline Tracy, Architect, Waitrose


Nick is a software engineer, code craftsman and testing evangelist. He is also a TDD practitioner and trainer; team builder and code leader.

Nick works as an independent consultant at Deliverist, currently providing software engineering and technical consultancy for Fidelity Global Digital Wealth.

Nick focuses on successful execution and decision making based on critical thinking and evidence. He excels at helping startups get to market using lean principles. He also uses that experience to help larger companies with their software engineering and agile transformations.

Nick is currently specialising in Front end React SPAs and Node.js serverless based microservices on AWS.

He has extensive experience in designing and implementing systems, taming complexity. He has spent years employing the latest agile principles and practices to deal with a constantly changing business horizon.

Nick showed both great technical skills and also an awareness of what was best for the business. Certainly someone I learnt a lot from and I would be happy to work with again!

Robert Haley, Consultant, Thoughtworks

Experience overview

A detailed work history and references are available on request.