Nick Meldrum: Software development consultant

Nick is passionate about building systems well. What does this mean? Huge amounts of waste and expense have engulfed our industry over and over again. Dealing with complexity and understanding the business or “what we really meant to built” is the key to reducing this waste.

He has extensive experience in designing and implementing systems in the most simple way possible. He has spent years employing and practicing the latest agile principles and practices to deal with a constantly changing business horizon.

He has over 15 years of developer experience including a stint at Microsoft. He leads development teams, acts as an agile agent of change and designs and develops high quality systems.

He is currently consulting at Waitrose on both their agile transformation and their rebuild of their groceries ecommerce site; built on both a serverless and a docker/kubernetes microservice platform with a React/redux based front end website, and a native mobile application.


Work Highlights

Skills and experience

A detailed work history and references are available on request.