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Learning through podcasts: some recommendations

published: 17 November 2010

If there was 1 thing I wish I had learnt earlier in my professional career it would be: “read more blogs and watch/ listen to more podcasts/webcasts.” Of course neither of these things were around when I started my career.

(“Geroff my lawn,” etc. etc_.)_

But still I was late into the game and playing catch up with these tremendous resources.

podcasts</img> I am using podcasts, webcasts, whatever you call them, to bring seminars, professional conferences and top shelf training courses right to me. In my car or train on the way to work or wherever, I’m learning for free and I encourage you to do the same.

girl on a train</img> With that in mind I thought I would share some of the great places I go to to get my video and audio fix. Of course, they are very much tailored towards someone developing on the Microsoft .Net stack with some open source loveliness piled on top. All of them are interesting in my mind.

(Rant: I like listening to this stuff on my terms. In the bath, on the train, whereever. Therefore I need to download it. Some people make this easy, others don’t - I will be making this clear in my list!)

So with no further ado, here’s the list:

InfoQ InfoQ

Hanselminutes Hanselminutes

Google Google TechTalks

Tekpub Tekpub

channel9 Channel 9

Deep fried bytes Deep Fried Bytes

Developmentor Developmentor

Dimecasts Dimecasts

Dotnetrocks DotNetRocks

pdc 10 PDC ‘10


skillsmatter Skillsmatter

teched TechEd Online