First post!

I've started a blog!

published: 16 January 2010

So I’ve created a WordPress blog and I’ve even joined twitter, shudder. Why? Well I should be honest here: I decided I need a better “online reputation”. This is primarily to improve future job prospects. It’s also probably an ego thing shrug.

I dreamed of writing my own blog engine and hosting it myself (like a good Jedi like Rob Conery should), however I realised this project was stopping my actually ever having the chance of posting anything. So for now I’m on WordPress and they are hosting it for me. This may change in the future, who knows…

So what am I going to write about? Well I want to get my hands messy with an open source project. I have an idea of a nice small simple project that hasn’t been implemented in .Net yet. I will get the project running in the next week and start to blog about that here. Also I will blog about my experience with this whole “increasing my online reputation” thing too.

At home I also, for my sins, build my own PCs. There’s alot I’ve learnt and am still learning about that – so there’s some fodder there I’m sure!

Who am I? Well for now all that is interesting is that my name is Nick Meldrum and I’m a .Net developer who mostly works on web based applications and is constantly trying to improve how he does stuff in .Net.

Feel free to follow me on twitter as @nick_meldrum, I’ll hopefully work out how to integrate everything all nice like soon.