Okay this is a different Gherkin

Nick is passionate about building web applications well. What does this mean? Huge amounts of waste and expense have engulfed our industry over and over again. Dealing with complexity and dealing with understanding the business or "what we really meant to built" is key to reducing this waste. Nick has extensive experience in designing and implementing systems in the most simple way possible. Nick has extensive experience in employing and practicing the latest agile principles and practices to dealing with a constantly changing business horizon.

He has over 14 years of developer experience including a stint at Microsoft. He leads development teams, acts as an agile agent of change (i.e. ScrumMaster) and designs systems primarily for web applications. He is currently a Tech Lead at Scribestar developing a SAAS platform for a startup disrupting the legal side of capital market transactions.

Hire me!

Nick is currently looking for his next fantastic opportunity: leading teams or just writing the next great JavaScript/ .Net web application for you. Email Nick here to enquire further


  • Passionate about software development done well with less waste, helping businesses succeed
  • Extensive experience leading teams and successfully delivering projects
  • Extensive architecture and design experience
  • Extensive developer coaching and mentoring skills
  • Over 14 years of developer experience building websites and applications
  • Extensive knowledge of JavaScript: the language, ecosystem, frameworks and best practices
  • Extensive experience of Agile, Scrum, XP, TDD and lean/ Kanban methodologies (Certified ScrumMaster)

Work Highlights

  • Principal developer at planner.royallondon.com, taking on a variety of roles including software architect, technical authority, ScrumMaster, team leader and developer
  • Led both co-located and offshore teams at The FA, leading a rebuild of www.thefa.com
  • Wrote HazWasteOnline: A web based rules engine for classifying chemical analysis as hazardous waste. Based on government regulations for the environmental industry
  • Developer at msn.co.uk: The UK's largest web portal at the time
  • Worked for Microsoft, supporting Visual Basic and Visual Interdev

Skills and experience

  • Strong leadership: forging strong teams, aligning people and vision, coaching and mentoring
  • Extensive agile: Scrum and lean/ Kanban, facilitating process, planning/ feature meetings, retros
  • Strong architecture and design: SOA, REST, OO, SOLID, design patterns, messaging, functional programming
  • Extensive testing and TDD: Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, Nunit, MSTest
  • Strong BDD: Gherkin, SpecFlow, Selenium
  • Extensive JavaScript: ES2015, React/ Redux, AngularJS 1.4, Knockout.js, many others
  • Strong JavaScript build tools: Grunt, Gulp, Webpack
  • Some Server side JavaScript: Node.js, Express, Socket.IO, MongoDB, Mongoose, Passport.js
  • Extensive Microsoft stack: C#, .NET Framework, ASP.Net MVC, Web Api, WCF
  • Extensive RDBMS: SQL Server, NHibernate, some Entity Framework
  • Some NoSQL: MongoDB, Neo4j, RavenDb
  • Extensive (D)VCS: Git, Mercurial, Subversion, TFS
  • Strong automation, continuous integration and deployment: PowerShell, TeamCity, Octopus, MSBuild
  • Some cloud: Azure automation, PAAS Web apps

A detailed work history and references are available on request.