While trying to get volunteers from our development team excited about delivering some technical presentations to the rest of the team I created a list of talks that I would like to hear.

These are all talks that I would love to give myself. Mostly because giving a talk would force me to learn more about it. I will never have the time to do even half of them. I am hoping therefore that the team will pick up some of them. Or even better, deliver something else totally from their own interests.

In the mean time: I will be delivering to the team: "The Powerful world of Powershell" tomorrow. I'll post some of it up here after the presentation.

I thought it might be interesting to post the list of talks up here though. This list is in no particular order, and is very messy - just a stream of my consciousness as I thought about possible presentation titles. If anyone has some good content on any of these topics, please point me to them!

Note, this list is very purposefully targetted towards web developers working on the Microsoft .Net platform mostly in C# on MVC against MS SQL Server in an agile environment. Which is what our team is mostly!

  • [Your Project Here]: How we did it and what we learnt
  • MVC 3/ MVC Tools Update
  • NuGet/ WebMatrix/ What is package management?
  • TDD/ Mocking
  • WCF 4 update
  • SOA and Messaging architectures - what problems do they solve?
  • RESTful programming - What is it and why is it better than WCF? ;)
  • DDD Basics - the architecture and what problem does it solve
  • DDD and where now? Event driven architecture?
  • JavaScript - the good parts (ref: Douglas Crockford)
  • CQRS and Event Sourcing - A neat solution or an edge case architecture?
  • Introduction to SiteCore 6.x
  • How Orchard Project works
  • WiF/ AD Federation Services/ OAuth/ OpenID
  • HTML5 Web sockets - "Ahead of the game" - this will change web programming forever
  • Functional Programming for OO developers
  • What can we learn from Erlang?
  • What can we learn from Ruby/Python?
  • Silverlight/ WPF - XAML, MVVM etc. - Introduction or "What can we learn from this to help us in our web development projects"
  • Nhibernate learnings since transition
  • ORMs: Comparing Linq to sql, EF, LLBLGen Pro and Nhibernate
  • DVCS - Mercurial/ Git: What are they good for?
  • Windows Azure - Head in the clouds (Also AWS?)
  • Lucene.Net - Introduction to awesome indexing
  • NoSQL - What is it good for?
  • NoSQL - When a key/value store is good enough - embrace simplicity
  • NoSQL - Document databases for simple DDD architecture
  • Agile/ SCRUM/ Lean/ Kanban methodologies introduction
  • Automating Acceptance Tests/ BDD (Behaviour Driven Design) with SpecFlow/ MSpec/ Cucumber
  • Automating UAT/ Selenium/ WaTiN

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